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It seems every time I'm on my bike, a woman asks me how I learned to ride.  She'd love to join me, but the process seems so mysterious!  How can she start?  In my case, I took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class (I'll admit it – simply to  avoid the California DMV test!).

But there is a huge difference between two days of drills with MSF instructors and being out on the road.  Christine Firehock's Kickstart Beginner Rider Instructional DVD helps fill the gap.  Geared to novice or re-entry riders, the two hour DVD introduces the main controls of a motorcycle and shows step-by-step riding techniques with clear, easy to follow demonstrations. Christine also discusses safety techniques and how to manage traffic.

Christine Firehock is an MSF RiderCoach who has been teaching a beginner's course at her school, The American Motorcycle Driving School, since 1986. AMDS boasts that 98% of their students pass the NYS DMV road tests, and her training style translates successfully to the DVD.

Produced in 2003, the graphics and production are a little dated, but the principles remain valid, and Christine's warm, enthusiastic personality encourages new riders to practice with confidence.  For me, the best part of the DVD was being able to watch it over and over again.  I must have watched the chapter on slow speed turns 50 times! If you're a beginning rider looking to improve your skills, buy this DVD.  It's well worth the $25, and is available from her Web site,

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