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Roaring Toyz Lowering Links Knock the BMW S1000R Down to Size Hot

BMW S1000RR Lowering Links by Roaring ToyzIt's no big secret: Most of the fun, fast bikes are designed for the big kids -- and I mean literally, the big kids. The talk-of-the-town, do-it-all speedster BMW S1000R is no exception; its 32" seat height makes it a tippy-toed tower for 5'5"-ers and under. (No love for the shorties.)

What to do? Well, you can get yourself boots with a little extra sole, but good luck finding a cool-looking heel in a market where design runs about seven years behind trend. And they'll probably be styled for a cruiser, so you'll end up as either a fashion victim or a fashion contradiction (or both).

Florida-based company Roaring Toyz has your fix. They've added new billet lowering links for the BMW S1000RR (as well as the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10, Ninja 1000, and 2010/11 Z1000), to make the bike more accessible to the "vertically challenged". There are three different height adjustments that'll get pretty much any rider's feet on the ground.

What we like about Roaring Toyz over other accessory outfits is that they're really nuts about quality. President and founder Robert Fisher was an AMA racer before he was an entrepreneur, so he's hyper-sensitive to fine-tuning and quality control. Their products are designed and machined in-house (made in the USA and ready to ship same-day!) with OEM-style bearings pressed in, instead of cheaper, oil-impregnated brass bushings.

(We culled through other websites offering the links for the S1000RR, and most were suspiciously quiet about the materials and manufacturing of their product.)

Fisher says, "Our stuff isn’t made for trailer queens or posers. If I didn’t feel safe mounting one of our parts on a bike and beating the hell out of it myself, I couldn’t build it to sell to somebody else. Period.” With enough confidence to use the phrase "beating the hell out of it" in a press release, this guy sounds like he'd wager the keys to his house against these pieces of cut aluminum. Love that.

I haven't test-driven the S1000RR black porn yet myself, but some pretty credible online sources are saying it could make the perfect entry-level bike. It's smooth and manageable with power enough to keep you satisfied well into the experienced rider category. Throw a set of Roaring Toyz lowering links on and this could be the perfect bike for everyone (well, everyone with $13K to spend on a bike, that is).

To purchase Roaring Toyz lowering links, contact your nearest Roaring Toyz dealer or order directly at Suggested retail price $129.99.

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