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Continental has the tire for you Hot

conttire1Road Attack 2Whether you ride on 1/4 mile drag strips, MotoGP circuits, windy back country roads, or park trails, Continental has the tire for you.

Continental Tires are tried and tested tires by the world's best adventure riders. Ranging from the Road Attack 2 to the Twinduro TKC 80 and everything in between. Knowing that the Continental Tires on your bike are more than enough for the trip will give you the peace of mind to just have an adventure.

Continental Road Attack 2

  1. Traction Skin, the revolutionary micro-roughness of the tread optimizes the mechanical adhesion and realizes the safest, fastest running-in time in the market
  2. Continuous Compound-Technology improves mileage by wear resistant zenith area and safety in curves by higher grip in shoulder area*
  3. Dynamic-Ride-Technology improves handling and control of your bike by using patented steel cord construction and a unique contour*
  4. Black Chili Compound for quick warm up, short braking distance and excellent grip on wet and dry roads

Continental Trail Attack

  1. Engineered to meet the demands of today's powerful high performance conttire2Trail Attack black porn 2adventure touring/enduro machines
  2. "Continuous-Compound" Technology Derived from Continental's Race Attack tires
  3. Zero Degree steel belt construction on the rear tire delivers superior stability and comfort even at high cruising speeds and high loads
  4. Reinforced carcass on the front tire utilizes a newly designed tread pattern to ensure higher precision and optimized wear
  5. Innovative touring compound offers high grip in all wet and dry conditions combined with excellent mileage for long trips
  6. Exceptionally quick warm-up time
  7. Stunning new tread pattern adapted from Conti Attack family

Continental ContiEscape Tire

  1. 70% on-road and 30% off-roadconttire3ContiEscape
  2. Distinctive tread pattern designed mostly for high-performance, on-road use but also can be used for light off-road use
  3. Tread compound developed to work across a wide range of weather and road conditions
  4. Good wear characteristics when used for high-mileage touring
  5. Delivers high performance for big bore, dual sport bikes

conttire4Twinduro TKC 80

Continental Twinduro TKC 80

  1. Specifically designed for the BMW R1150GS and R1200GS
  2. 40% on-road and 60% offroad
  3. Compound and block pattern optimize street and offroad performance
  4. Excellent braking and traction on a wide range of surfaces from loose to hard pack
  5. High cornering stability on soft terrain
  6. Good self-cleaning properties
  7. D.O.T. approved for highway use

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