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Pit Bull Fork-Lift Front Stand Hot

pitbullThe fully-faired design of sport-bikes, and their usual lack of a center stand can make routine maintenance a pain. Pit Bull Fork-Lift Front Stands go a long way in reducing that pain.

As the name would suggest, this Pit Bull stand raises the front end by wedging under the front fork arm bottoms. The physics of the raising action involves the leverage of the handle and the movement of the contact wheels. Simple and effective.

An added bonus of the design is that it eliminates metal-to-metal contact, so there will be no scratching or gouging as you raise your bike. The rubber wheels also mean that you will not scar up your garage floor.

There are some telling comments from Cycle Gear’s customer base. One user said, “I have heard so many great things about these Pitbull stands. All of them are true. They are very easy to use. Excellent for preventative maintenance on your bike. Very stable, the bike will not tip over while on this stand.”

And how is this for a solid testimonial? “I use these in the garage for general storage and at the track. They are so solid. Don’t even think about buying any other stand.”

The stand runs about $150 and works on most-sport bike designs.

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