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SuperTrapp True Duals, Slip-Ons and End Caps for 2010 FLH / FLT

Almost forty years ago, SuperTrapp Industries ( pioneered the way and continues to remain on the cutting edge of designing, testing and manufacturing the original, high quality, tunable, aftermarket performance exhausts right here in the U.S.A.   SuperTrapp offers performance exhausts for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

SuperTrapp continues to add to their extensive product line of exhausts.  SuperTrapp True Duals are now available for Harley-Davidson 2010 FLH / FLT (P/N 168-71580, MSRP $449.00).

The design of these head pipes accommodates the new 12mm heated Oxygen sensor and new sensor locations that the Motor Company changed on the 2010 FLH / FLT.  SuperTrapp True Duals feature full length 2 ¼” heat shields that protect the pipes and keep the rider and passenger’s legs cool.

True Duals are also available for '85 - '08 FLH / FLT (P/N 168-71574, MSRP $399.00), '09 FLH / FLT (P/N 168-71578, MSRP $449.00).

SuperTrapp True Duals give riders the option of adding a variety of compatible Slip-Ons including the popular, tunable, FatShots, the non-tunable, but infamous SE’s (Super Elites), or Kerkers to the end of their True Dual head pipes.

FatShots Slip-Ons (P/N 728-71576, MSRP $499.00) set the standard for adjustable performance.  These 3.5” diameter, fully chrome plated muffler bodies flare out to a 4”, slash cut end with a straight through 2” diameter, pillow-pack wrapped performance core that is capped off with the legendary SuperTrapp 4” discs and polished trim ring.  Twenty-four 4” discs are included with the FatShots Slip-Ons.

By adjusting the number of discs, these new FatShots Slip-Ons have the ability to be the quietest performance muffler out there with a richer stock level sound, but enhanced performance.  It performs better than stock in a sound compliant configuration.  FatShots Slip-Ons are neighborhood and stereo-friendly at 83dB while idle (6 discs per muffler SAE J1287).

If you want to kick it up a notch, installing the recommended 12 discs per muffler in conjunction with its straight through 2” diameter performance core sets the stage for maximum power.  In this configuration, FatShots Slip-Ons provide a 15% horsepower gain and a 12% torque gain over stock, proving, your exhaust does not have to be loud to make power.

SuperTrapp SE Series Slip-Ons (P/N 128-65117, MSRP $399.00) are the champion of numerous magazine shootouts with a proven 10 – 12% hp gain.  SE’s are The King of bottom-mid range torque, with a steady, tough, low rumbled sound.  SE Slip-Ons are less than 3dB louder than stock.

Kerker Slip-Ons (P/N 128-78120, MSRP $399.00) provide a louder and heavier rumbled sound.  Kerker Slip-Ons are commonly known for their   12 – 13% horsepower gain with great mid-high range power.  Kerkers are 8dB louder than stock with a profound, deep, throaty rumble.  A Mikuni Core is available for peak performance and ultimate flow.  A rebuildable core and packing keep the Kerker Slip-On maintenance at a minimum.

SE and Kerker Slip-Ons are compatible with 17 end caps, including the brand new classic-looking Black End Caps available in Rolled Edge, Tapered and Slash Cut or the high-end Yaffe-designed Holy Moly end caps available in black or chrome, to allow riders the ultimate in personalization.

SuperTrapp True Duals come complete with hardware and mounting instructions allowing riders to be on the road in no time.

Visit the SuperTrapp website at for these and other new and exciting products, applications, pricing, the SuperTrapp Support Forum, SuperTrapp Video Forum, Catalog Download and the Pipeline Newsletter signup page.

Their website features a “Find My Exhaust” tool, which allows riders to see all of the SuperTrapp exhaust options available for their ride.

Visit their website’s “Catalog Download” page for free downloadable literature including New Product fliers and their 2010 catalogs.

Become a fan of SuperTrapp on Facebook at to stay up to speed on the latest news, product releases, events and photo albums from SuperTrapp.  Follow SuperTrapp on Twitter at for the latest news and product releases in real time.

For more information on all SuperTrapp exhausts, visit, or call 216-265-8400.

About SuperTrapp

For almost 40 years, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of over 400 performance exhaust applications for a variety of motorcycles, ATVs and automotives. In addition to their signature tunable disc diffuser exhaust systems, SuperTrapp manufactures the Kerker brand of exhaust systems, Road Legends Series, designed by master bike builder, Paul Yaffe and TC Racing exhausts, designed by master ATV engine builder, Tom Carlson. SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. offers exhaust sound bytes, a comprehensive on-line product catalog, the SuperTrapp forum to find and receive answers to your questions 24/7 and the “Find My Exhaust” feature which allows visitors to enter the make and model of their motorcycle, ATV or automotive to view a comprehensive list of all available products for their specific application. also offers Pipeline registration.  Pipeline is SuperTrapp’s quarterly newsletter with the newest products and latest news.

SuperTrapp Industries, Inc.

4540 West 160th Street

Cleveland, OH 44135

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RUSH Racing Products
RUSH Racing Products has all of your 2011 high performance exhaust needs covered.

Whether you ride a touring model or a sportster, RUSH has a wide array of slip-ons and full systems to accommodate everyone’s sense of style. The key feature with RUSH high performance exhaust is the baffles are interchangeable. This allows you to change your sound and performance and not have to purchase a new exhaust system. So when you are looking for that new exhaust system for your bike look no further than RUSH Racing Products, the leader in high performance V-Twin exhaust. 866-99-4RUSH

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Michelin Pilot Power Tire Review

Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tires are popular with aggressive street-oriented sport riders.  There is good reason for this – they offer good grip, predictable cornering, and decent tread-life.

Developed through Moto GP racing, the Pilot Powers require minimal warm up time. This is a great thing on the street where you don’t have controlled warm up laps before you hit the twisties.  Michelin boasts lean angles of 50.6 degrees in dry conditions and 41.9 on wet pavement.  I have not ridden the Pilot Powers in the wet (hey, I live in the Southwest), but I can attest to the impressive dry cornering of the tires.

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Twisted Throttle releases the MRA Double Bubble racing windscreen for the new 2010 BMW S1000RR

The MRA Double Bubble racing windscreen for the new BMW S1000RR is now available in the USA exclusively from Designed for and used by Grand-Prix racers, this windscreen utilizes a raised center bubble to provide superb airflow deflection. Wind tunnel testing led to the unique “double bubble” shape, which gives superior rider comfort and enhanced front wheel down force at racetrack speeds.

MRA employs a precision CNC milling process during manufacturing to accurately match the S1000RR’s factory windscreen mounts. This high tech process allows for unprecedented precision, ensuring a clean and effortless installation.
To further enhance this windscreen, MRA has integrated two air vents at the leading edge to reduce vacuum underneath the bubble and improve airflow over the screen.

The MRA Double Bubble racing windscreen for the BMW S1000RR is comes in clear, smoke, black and blue finishes.

Overall length: 13.4 inches (340 mm)
Color Options: Clear, Smoke, Black or Blue
Available in the USA exclusively from

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Twisted Throttle releases the SW-MOTECH skid plate for the all new 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650.

Twisted Throttle has released a heavy duty 3 mm thick brushed aluminum engine guard for the new Kawasaki Versys 650. This skidplate wraps neatly around the vulnerable lower exhaust for both form and function. The angular design allows for added rigidity and protection, with a style that is truly complementary to the lines of the Versys.

While providing excellent protection for the exhaust and other vulnerable engine parts, the design shows that no small detail has been overlooked. Vibration dampened mounts bolt effortlessly to the motorcycle, while counter sunk washers and screws demonstrate the emphasis placed on fit and finish.

The SW-MOTECH Skid Plate for the 2010 Versys, from Twisted Throttle, comes complete with mounting hardware. The included installation instructions and diagrams are clear and concise, for easy mounting.

Twisted Throttle and SW-MOTECH are currently in the process of re-designing a similar product for the earlier Versys models, which they plan to release in the fall of 2010.

This product is available exclusively from

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