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50_years_roundCompetition Accessories, in business for over 50 Years, is one of the nation’s largest retailers of motorcycle gear. Their selection of motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle tires, TPX radar detectors and other motorcycle accessories is so extensive, that you’re sure to find exactly what you need. They also have great deals on Closeout Helmets , Closeout Jackets and on various other items throughout the year, including up to 70% off select closeouts. Plus offers free shipping on orders over $100. If you’re looking for motorcycle gear, like Kevlar Jeans, Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle boots, Ladies Motorcycle Jackets and more from top brands such as Bell, Firstgear, Alpinestars, and Givi; is the place to shop!

50_years_roundCompetition Accessories
Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

If you've got a motorcycle or ATV, Competition Accessories has what you need! It's amazing what low prices, fast delivery, and a love for motorcycles can do.

Sliders 4.0 Kevlar riding jeansCompetition Accessories has a new batch of Sliders 4.0 Kevlar riding jeans, ready to ship! Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Jeans may feel and look like regular denim jeans, but underneath the surface they also have DuPont Kevlar for added protection while riding your motorcycle.

The Kevlar provides extra protection in the knees, shins, seat, and sides of your legs and hips. These kevlar jeans even have pockets for CE knee armor in three different positions, depending on where the best fit is for you.

Shoei Neotec HelmetShoei has recently released their Neotec Helmet for the American market. The Shoei Neotec Helmet is modeular, DOT certified, and has some interesting features over and above what's available on the Multitec Helmets. The Neotec will therefore be a bit more expensive and Competition Accessories will be reviewing it soon, including a side-bys0de comparison between the Neotec and Multitec so you can see exactly what the differences are. The Neotec helmet from Shoei isn't replacing the Multitec, just offering you a new and different option to consider.

Riding this time of year can be downright painful. Depending on where you live, the commute to work can easily dip into sub freezing temps, and longer rides can lead to unexpected encounters with rather severe weather.

I had one such encounter a couple of years ago while riding through Texas. I had ridden my ZRX down to San Antonio from Lubbock to spend New Years with some old high-school friends. The one thing you should know about riding in West Texas is that the weather is extremely volatile. It can go from 70 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees with 50mph winds. The weather stations try to stay on top of it, but with huge swings like that, conditions can be hard to predict.

2011 Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest LinerThe Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric vest with collar keeps you warm so you can ride your bike longer. 

Tourmaster Elite motorcycle cover from Comp Acc.The end of riding season is sad, but not being able to start your bike again in the spring is much sadder.  Competition Accessories has everything you need to prepare your motorcycle for hibernation.

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