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Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Cover Hot

Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Cover

Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Cover

Basic Product Info

Nelson Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Cover
Has Warranty


There are some things that you can evaluate about a motorcycle cover straight out of the box. Other attributes take months and seasons of use to assess. I have given the Nelson Rigg UV-2000 as thorough a test as a cover should have.

Spoiler Alert: The Nelson Rigg UV-2000 has proven to be one most durable and useful motorcycle covers I have ever tested.


The Nelson Rigg UV-2000 is a half cover that is designed to protect the most exposed portion of the motorcycle from sun, rain, dust, and prying eyes. It comes in three sizes. The medium size is cut to fit small to middleweight sportbikes and small cruisers without big windshield and luggage appendages. The large size fits liter-plus sportbikes and cruisers with windscreens and accessories. The XL is for full size tourers with accessories like saddlebags and tail trunks.

The UV-2000 is made out of treated and UV protected nylon (hence the name). That material is said to block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. To keep your ride dry, the seams are electronically sealed. The cover is advertised as 100% waterproof (more on that later).

There is the requisite elastic bottom that contributes to a snug and flap-free fit. Sewn-in elastic chords are positioned to mount to the foot pegs of most motorcycles. There are also Velcro tightening straps for the area under the headlight. For storage, the cover fits into the included fanny pack (where are the leg warmers!).

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In the sun, the cover’s silver color keeps the bike’s surface much cooler than a dark cover or no cover at all. The sun ravages a bike’s soft parts and painted surfaces, and the UV-2000 keeps them out of reach of the solar devastation. I have no way of testing the 99% UV protection claim, but I have no reason to doubt it.

Because of its shape, the elastic bottom, and the elastic foot peg straps, the cover stays secure. Even strong winds and Colorado snow loads did not compromise the UV-2000’s ability to stay in place and protect the motorcycle. Obviously, it is important to purchase the correct size for your application.

Another nice feature is that because of its small size, the cover is easy to take along on tours or to park at work after a commute. It can fit in a tank bag or even under the seat of many motorcycles.

Long Term Impressions

I have used the UV-2000 for 18 months on 2 different motorcycles. The cover had been used in the blazing Arizona summer sun and through a Colorado winter. In the case of the Colorado winter, the cover was outside full-time through sun, rain, snow and wind.

In short, the cover has been flawless. The seams have proven waterproof and tight with no separation whatsoever. Even with a moderate snow load, the cover was secure and waterproof. Not a drop of water has ever reached the motorcycle through the cover’s fabric or seams.


Since it is a half cover, the UV-2000 leaves the lower portion (exhaust and lower fairing or engine) of the motorcycle exposed. However, a full cover is not convenient for travel and commute use. I find the cut of the UV-2000 to be a perfect middle ground.

In short, because of its fit, convenience, and long-term durability, the Nelson Rigg UV-2000 is my favorite motorcycle cover. I have put it through a full spectrum of environmental conditions and it has performed flawlessly. At a price point of around $40, the cover is a true bargain.

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