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Car Accident Attorney Cincinnati Ohio - Download the 2012 Car Accident Attorney Hiring Guide


Cincinnati Car Accident attorney Anthony Castelli wants to make it easier for you to find the best accident attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is the link for his 2012 guide -- Lawyer Marketing Revealed, the definative guide for Ohio residents seeking an accident attorney which looks "behind the curtain" of all the tricks unscrupulous attorneys will try to use to win your business and get the most money from insurance companies. for them, not you. The guide will help you ask potential attorneys the right questions to make sure that they plan to work for you, not themselves.If you have a serious injury your dilemna is whether fight the insurance company by yourself and get a lowball settlement or hire the wrong attorney and maybe come out just as badly. So the key is hiring a great personal injury auto accident injury lawyer.Insurance companies are interested in minimizing their economic exposure when a car accident attorney in Cincinnati confronts them with an injury claim. From the time an accident is reported an insurance adjuster begins collecting information in an attempt to reduce the value of your personal injury claim. Mr. Castelli knows their tactics and can advise you and act on your behalf to immediately begin preparing your claim for the best possible result. Castelli handles each case as if it were to proceed to trial. His team is committed to take your case all the way to jury verdict if that is what is necessary to produce the best possible results. Although most Cincinnati car accident lawyers settle prior to trial or even a lawsuit, it is critical to have a trial attorney prepare your case so big insurance knows you are prepared and will not take a lowball settlement. If you make the fatal mistake and hire an injury attorney that is afraid to go to trial, the insurance company will know that and use it against you.For a free personal injury consultation, please contact Castelli Law. Mr. Castelli will respond within 24 hours or you can call today at 513-621-2345 to schedule a free phone or in office consultation.


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