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Motorcycle Basics

What Drives You? Motorcycle Final Drives

Chain, belt or shaft – which form of final drive is best? This is an ongoing debate in the motorcycling world. In reality, an intelligent answer can’t be formulated without considering a variety of factors.

Evolution of the Street Tracker

Among the many custom options available for motorcycles today is the street tracker. These sleek looking bikes pay homage to the glory days of flat track racing by emulating the pared down look of a dirt tracker, but come with everything you need to ride on the streets legally. Whether you’re building up a bike from scratch or looking to buy from a custom shop, a street tracker will turn heads anywhere you ride.

The Ducati Dry Clutch and Its Distinctive Rattle

Just as you can tell when a Harley is somewhere in the vicinity by the distinctive rumble of its V-Twin, so can you tell when a Ducati has just pulled up next to you.

Although many might think that the rattling sound coming from a Ducati is a sign that the bike is in dire need of a tune-up, the bike is in fact perfectly fine. What you are hearing is the signature sound of the Ducati dry clutch, which is music to the ears of many a Ducati enthusiast.

10 Noteworthy Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

While we can't decisively say which of the motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson over the years is the very best, we've narrowed down a list of ten Harleys that really stand out.

What do you think is the best Harley-Davidson motorcycle of all time?

Even though the weather is turning cooler, you don't have to cover up your motorcycle and store it away until the spring. There are many things you can do as a biker to continue your way of life all year long. We've compiled our top 10 biker projects for the off-season.

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