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Common Problems With Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (Part 2)

We began with Part 1 of this topic discussing some of the most significant Harley-Davidson problems over the past decade. Since there have been numerous other problems with Harleys, we’ll continue this story with a few other problems that have surfaced in recent years. Let’s take a look at a few additional problems that Harley owners have faced over the past decade.

Common Problems With Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (Part 1)

Despite Harley-Davidson’s iron-clad image in American culture, numerous flaws have been exposed over the years. Recalls have been somewhat regular, including some with hundreds of thousands of bikes needing repairs. Below, we’ll examine a few major problems that have occurred over the past decade with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Unwrapping the Mystery of Exhaust Wrap

There was a time when you only saw exhaust wrap on performance bikes. More and more, the process is becoming a moto-fashion statement. So what is the actual purpose of wrapping heat tape on exhaust headers and pipes? What are the benefits and possible down-sides? Here is the tale of the tape.

Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

Before you don your leathers and rev your motorcycle's engine, you have to take the time to prepare your bike for spring. Hopefully you did the majority of the work before you locked the bike away for winter, but if you didn’t, and even if you did, here are some tips to get your bike ready for the first ride of the season.

In several of the Northern states, snow has already begun to fall. Many people have put their bikes away for winter or have started on projects to upgrade their motorcycles. It’s a good time to check and see if you’ve done everything properly to winterize your bike.

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