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Alpinestars’ Anatomy Suit Protects Precious Cargo Hot

Alpinestars collaborated with David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom to make the Anatomy Suit.
Photo © Neil Bridge

Alpinestars’ Anatomy Suit Protects Precious Cargo

It takes guts to be a good motorcycle racer and the guts of a racer is visible on the new Anatomy Suit, designed by the London-based Death Spray Custom (DSC) for the sportswear company Alpinestars.

Alpinestars Anatomy Suit

The cowhide and kangaroo leather suit is mostly black with the colorful design of body organs on the chest and midsection. A red mesh liner emphasizes the anatomy theme.

“The execution was styled to be more medical or comic book,” said Death Spray Custom, aka David Gwyther, to AllAboutBikes via email. “There is a lot of machismo in motorcycling and it’s equipment -- often motorcycle suits are styled as armor or to be tough looking – that empowers the rider. This is about reminding them of their precious cargo -- why you’re wearing protection in the first place.”

Death Spray Custom, who currently possesses a GSX-R 1100, a 1966 Triumph 5TA and an Yamaha TMAX, designed the suit and it was hand built black porn in the Alpinestars’ race factory in northern Italy.

The suit is the “projection of the human beyond the machine,” DSC said. “Often superbike riders wear matching leathers that often carry the same design cues as motorcycles. Instead of disguising the human on the machine, celebrate the human on the machine.”

Death Spray Custom x Alpinestars

The collaboration began last year when Alpinestars invited DSC to their European headquarters with the aim of creating a custom suit that would be protective and demonstrate an artistic edge, too.

“It came through a mutual appreciation of each others work,” DSC said. “I try and do things that push motorcycling in different areas regardless of trends or whether I expect it to be liked or not. I think that Alpinestars are a forward thinking company and respect that.”

DSC was inspired by AMA legend David Aldana, famous for his white skeleton on black leather suit. He refers to Aldana looks as a “dirt track Donnie Darko.”

“I first saw (Aldana’s suit) when I was very young. Of course it was the raddest thing on two wheels,” DSC said. “At the time the humor of it would have passed over my head. The morbid nature of it is accentuated by the sport it’s used in.”

DSC designs art for multiple racing platforms, from cars to helmets to wrenches. His work often includes humor, social commentary and just plain coolness.

“Human anatomy is a theme I have much fascination with and is something I’ve often visited in previous works,” said DSC in a press statement. “The anatomy model is a visual motif that, even from an early age, was intriguing as a timeless piece of art in itself. Part sculpture, part puzzle and all educational.”


Alpinestars was founded in Italy in 1963 and today suits MotoGP World Champions Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner along with World Superbike Champions Troy Corser and Ben Spies. The company also suits other kinds of motorsports and has a fashion division with a design center in California.

The Anatomy Suit is a one-off design, built in “DSC size,” DSC said.


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Alpinestars’ Anatomy Suit Protects Precious Cargo
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