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Motorcycle Culture

The_Bird In a stark comparison between two motorcyclists...The guy you see in this image giving the speeding camera the big eff you (Ceelo Green would be so proud) was ticketed by the police for speeding after several reports were issued that he was  riding without a plate.

The young man actually bragged to his mates about his uncanny ability not to get caught. Funny enough, he ened up pleading guily, getting five points, and paying a hefty fine.


Everyday News

GroupRidersIn this day and age when roadways are overly crowded, gas prices are astronomical, and global warming is a concern, you'd think we'd be entering the age of the motorcycle. Think about it. Even high performance bikes get around 40 mpg, and more conservative engines can easily get over 60 mpg. The compact size of motorcycles makes more room on roads and parking lots. Finally, modern motorcycles are very clean burning.


Columnists & Opinions

Harley_MaskHarley-Davidson has gone interestingly eclectic with its new Collection X Exhibit. Through August 21, you can see some really unique historic items in Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee Museum. Billed as “Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum”, the exhibit has items that certainly live up to the billing.


Motorcycle Stories

motorcycle_helmet1A man in New York died today after crashing his motorcycle during a helmet law protest ride. The man flipped over his bike’s handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.


Safety News

Half-helmets and American flags: Stereotypical marks of a cruiser rider.The second you swing a leg over a set of wheels you're prone to onlookers sticking you into a neat package of biker stereotypes. We know better than to try and categorize bikers based on their ride... But our shared imagery must come from somewhere. We spent a few days at Americade in early June, which gave us an interesting eye on a big cross-section of motorcyclists, and the chance to hunker down on the main drag for a visual survey of 212 motorcycle operators. The goal? To see how real riders stack up against their biker stereotypes.


Motorcycle Stories

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