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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Season 2

In Sons of Anarchy Season 2 we see some of the seeds planted in the first season come to fruition. Jax’s relationship with Clay worsens as he continues to read his father’s memoirs and questions Clay’s every move. The death of his wife haunts Opie throughout the season and nearly destroys the club when the truth about her murderer comes out. On top of dealing with federal agents and white separatists, the club is dealt its biggest blow when Jax’s son Abel is abducted by an IRA member.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3

In Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO is once again thrown into the cycle of vengeance. Jax’s son, Abel, has been abducted by Cameron Hayes of the IRA as retribution for the death of his own son, Edmond. Meanwhile, Opie must come to terms with the club when it’s revealed to him that his wife was mistakenly killed by Tig in what was supposed to be a hit on himself.

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Overview

Having just been released from prison, SAMCRO returns home in the first episode, “Out,” to find that the local law enforcement is now being run by Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt of the San Joaquin Sheriffs’ Department. More legal worries loom in the distance as U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter works with Roosevelt to build a RICO case against the club.

Kurt Sutter: The Man Behind The Anarchy

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, is a 46-year old New Jersey native who grew up near Rahway State Prison. He tried his hand acting -- first in New York, then in Los Angeles -- but found his calling off camera when he was hired as a staff writer for FX’s The Shield in 2002. The Harley-Davidson rider created Sons after spending time with biker gangs in Northern California, he’s said.

The Devils Ride: Discovery’s Inside Look at the San Diego MC

Discovery has launched a new reality-show they are touting as the real life “Sons of Anarchy.” Whether “The Devils Ride” is worthy of such a comparison is still up for debate, as the season has just recently kicked-off. What we do know is that the show follows the San Diego-based motorcycle club, The Laffing Devils, as they do what any “outlaw” group does best: stir up trouble.

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