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AllAboutBikes April, 2011 Print Magazine Hot

Tips on Saving Fuel and MoneyThe April, 2011 print edition of AllAboutBikes is out and available for purchase, or you can order a subscription and get this as your first issue!

This newest issue of AllAboutBikes magazine has an extended feature on the history and current offerings of Triumph, tips for saving money at the gas station, a look at the electric bikes from Zero Motorcycles, a review of this year's Daytona Bikes Week, and an expanded LadyMoto section.

From the main feature, "Triumph: The Rise, The Fall, The Resurgence":

AllAboutBikes Triumph Cover StoryOne of the most original points of Triumph is that they produce engines with three cylinders. These engines give you the torque of a twin and the linear power of an inline four. On my recent test of the Daytona 675R and the Speed Triple, I couldn’t believe how well these machines performed.

Both on track and on road, it’s very obvious this company has come a long, long way since 1902, when it moved from making pedal pushbikes to motorcycles and into one of the most respected motorcycle companies of our era.

From Tracy Motz's "Letter from the Editor" in the expanded LadyMoto section:

LadyMotoMaybe you noticed... LadyMoto’s undergoing a big make- over. As we close in on our inaugural newsstand issue, the push is to make these pages more like the female bikers we know: smart, fresh and edgy. ...We’re working to create a resource for the wants and needs of this special league of women; we welcome and encourage thoughts, suggestions and input as we shape these pages in the coming months.

From our review of the new 2011 Husqvarna TXCI250:

The bike tracks well under acceleration, and the harder you hammer the throttle the better it works. The same is true of braking. The front end works best when you get on the binders hard and load the fork when there are bigger bumps. Rolling whoops are a piece of cake, and they can get big and the speeds must get high before the bike gets ruffled.

What are you waiting for? Order a subscription and get a copy of this issue today!

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