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AllAboutBikes - May/June 2011 Print Magazine Hot

AllAboutBikes June-July Print EditionThe May/June, 2011 print edition of AllAboutBikes is out and available for purchase — both here through us and on the newsstands now!

This newest issue of AllAboutBikes magazine is packed with news that informs as well as news you can use. We have articles on the upcoming sportbike from Motus, the Ducati Diavel in Spain, and using a Harley-Davidson for stunting. We also provide helpful information about renting a trailer for transporting your motorcycle, camping with your motorcycle while traveling, and traveling the Blues Highway from Mississippi to Chicago.

From our cover story on the Motus MST, "A New American Sportbike":

Modus MST SportbikeWhat do you want in a motorcycle? It’s a simple question that has a thousand different answers. Some people want a motorcycle that is comfortable enough to ride all day and all night. Some want a bike that will make their heart jump into their throat every time they roll back the throttle. Some want both.

When Lee Conn and Bryan Case sat down for a beer at a restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, they tried to answer that question for themselves. What they black porn came up with was something that didn’t currently exist. A dream motorcycle that combined performance, comfort, and range. They wanted the ultimate American sportbike. They wanted the Motus MST.

From our tips on "Using a Rental Trailer":

Transporting a Motorcycle with a Rental TrailerMany times in the life of owning a motorcycle there is need to move it from one location to another without the enjoyment of riding it there. This will often call for using a pickup truck, a van or a trailer. Without access to the first two, the final option may be your only one.

Owning a trailer makes this part much easier, but not everyone has the space to store one nor the regular need which would justify purchasing one. There is a simple solution for you, and the whole process is actually incredibly cheap.

From our article on "Motorcycle Camping Tips":

Timps for Camping with a MotorcycleMotorcycling and camping seem to go hand in hand. They’re both about freedom, the outdoors, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unfortunately, meshing these two passions can be a little bit of a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The problem with motorcycle camping is simple. There just isn’t enough room to take everything you want on your bike. Fortunately, there is plenty of room to take everything you need. Here are a few tips to make sure that your next motorcycle camping trip goes smoothly.

From our story about the Blues Highway: "A Lesson in Riding the Blues":

Riding the Blues HighwayMost highways are simply a way to get form point A to point B, but not Route 61. No, the Blues Highway is a road that is drenched in history. It's a road that tells a story. It's a road that tarts in the pre-war Mississippi Delta and ends at a Juke Joint in Chicago.

It's a road that connects two iconic cities with one true American art form: The Blues

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