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AllAboutBikes - July/August 2011 Print Magazine Hot

AllAboutBikes - July/August 2011 Print MagazineThe July/August, 2011 print edition of AllAboutBikes is out and available for purchase — both here through us and on the newsstands now!

This newest issue of AllAboutBikes magazine is packed with news that informs as well as news you can use. We have articles on the amazing history of Royal Enfield motorcycles, side-by-side comparison testing of the three best race schools in America, a look at the success of "Harley Nation," advice on buying new or used for your next motorcycle, an exclusive look at new motorcycles coming out of Taiwan, and more!

AllAboutBikes - July/August 2011 Print MagazineThis issue also has a double-sided cover featuring a mini-issue of LadyMoto. The LadyMoto section has reviews of two track suits for women, advice on using the track to improve your motorcycle skills, a review of the Triumph 675R, and more!

Rodney Burrell writes in his Letter from the Editor about Motocross: "Dirt, to me, just seems like more of an everyman’s racing event. It’s fun… and may I reiterate, they have funnel cakes. How can you go wrong with that?"

From our feature story on black porn Motocross:

MotocrossThere was a time when motocross was a new, young sport in America and Europe had the true stars. Upstart American motocross riders measured the progress of their careers by how they finished against the Euros. Eventually motocross took off in the U.S. with the side effect that winning here was important in terms of selling motorcycles.

Winning in Europe didn’t sell bikes in America so there was little support or incentive for U.S. riders to make the trip to Europe. With the expense involved with a modern race team, it is tough for management to justify any extracurricular racing. With no pressure from above and little financial gain for motivation, attending the Glen Helen round of the MXGP series was a low priority for the stars of the sport. The race was basically a European affair with Yamaha GP regular Zach Osbourne, TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda Racing Team’s Travis Baker and Christian Craig as the biggest U.S. stars on hand.

From our story on Royal Enfield motorcycles:

Royal EnfieldThere aren’t too many motorcycle manufacturers around that deserve to be considered royalty. But with more than a century under its belt and still moving strong, Royal Enfield is a unique motorcycle company.

Today, Royal Enfield bikes may come equipped with fancy modern devices like electronic ignition systems, but the company has never deviated too far from its classic motorcycles from the 1940s and 50s. The Bullet G5 Classic, a “completely modern, fuel-injected, low-maintenance motorcycle built in the image of the world-famous 1955 Bullet Classic,” is one of the hottest motorcycles on the market today.

If you want to get your hands on a new Bullet G5 Classic, you could be waiting for more than a year. But many people are gladly standing in line, as owning a Royal Enfield today is like owning a piece of history.

From our comparison of three race track schools:

Race Track School ComparisonThere is no substitute for experience. There is no substitute for practice, and there definitely is no substitute for education. For someone to be able to teach another individual, they need to have the skills to communicate at the highest level, and be able to demonstrate personally how to implement the curriculum.

I took it upon myself to find out how the road racing schools within the community teach their students. I wanted to find out about the curriculum, see its relevance for both the road and the track, (most students are not out to become the next Carlos Checa), and find out what makes a good rider improve?
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