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March / April 2012 Digital Magazine Hot

March / April 2012 Digital Magazine

March / April 2012 Digital Magazine
March / April 2012 Digital Magazine
March / April 2012 Digital Magazine

The March / April 2012 issue of the AllAboutBikes digital magazine is out now and it has lots of great stories to read.

We've got articles on the pioneering racers of MotoCross, the fascinating sport of EnduroCross, and a report on testing whether motorcycles really are as environmentally friendly as everyone assumes.

Then we've got reviews of the Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 and the Aprilla Dosoduro, and (saving the best for last) Neale Bayly's motorcycle travels through Namibia.

You won't believe the photos!

Here's an excerpt from our story about Endurocross:

Most of the bikes that tackle the grueling course are Motocross bikes with more or less conventional knobbies. Because of the number of boulders that black porn seek to take a bite out of engine cases, there is a bit more armor on the bikes than you would see on a motocross only set-up. Due to the nature of the terrain, a number of Enduro race bikes (with their telltale headlights) can also be seen on the track. ...

Because of the uniquely varied nature of the sport, the riders gravitate to EnduroCross from a variety of other racing disciplines. There are Enduro riders, Motocrossers, Supermoto riders, trials riders and even a smattering of flat-trackers. The majority of EnduroCross riders are from the Western US, but there are a growing number of Eastern riders.

This is from our LadyMot SoCal Adventure:

It doesn't really matter what you look like on or off the bike or what anybody thinks. It's just about you, the scenery, the fresh air, an abundance of natural terrain, and twisting a throttle to be transported from one unique backdrop to another. Places with names like Pumpkin Patch, Blow Sand and Devil's Slide become afternoon destinations; really just an excuse or reason to go from here to there with an adventuresome purpose. We all enjoy purpose in our daily lives, even when we are out in the middle of nowhere.

The real payoff for going on a desert adventure turns out to be very different for different people. I asked a group of gals why they desert ride and the responses covered a variety of topics. I desert ride mostly to get away from the daily grind, to be with friends, to get my heart pumping and to feel alive.

And of course Neale Bayly's Namibian Adventure:

Riding with BMW CEO Hendrik von Kuenheim in the wilds of Namibia, I can't think of too many more challenging two-wheeled experiences during my 35 years of global travel. I had joined Mr. von Kuenheim in Namibia, along with an assortment of journalists, television people, support truck drivers and guides from all over the world a few days earlier. ...

The river crossings and mountain views grow more stunning as we climb. Long, low mountains recede away into the distance and remind me of areas in southern Peru where the mineral deposits make for an ever-changing canvas. Flattening out, it's time to twist the throttle, and I find myself singing and shouting in my helmet as I blast across the Namibian desert at 90 mph. I've lost the group at this point and see a side turn, so I feel I better check it out.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the latest digital mag and some of our back issues — it's free!

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March / April 2012 Digital Magazine
March / April 2012 Digital Magazine
March / April 2012 Digital Magazine
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