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rinzlerTron fans can already dress up like Sam Flynn or Quorra, (Tron fans with a lot of money can even ride an actual Tron Cycle) and now they can dress up like Rinzler. UD Replicas has just released an extremely detailed Rinzler Motorcycle Suit.


the_detonatorDaniel Simon is the go-to-guy when it comes to building impossible motorcycles. His latest creation, The Detonator, which is the world's most expensive electric motorcycle, looks more like a Transformer than a motorcycle.


tron_cycleWhen the movie Tron came out, custom builders the Parker Brothers set out to create a driveable Tron lightcycle. The Parker Brothers motorcycle was an amazing futuristic looking motorcycle, but there was one thing amiss. It had a gas engine.


Black_Eyed_Peas_TronThe futuristically-styled Black Eyed Peas and a mass of LED-lit dancers filled Cowboys Stadium last night, during a charged Super Bowl XLV Half-Time Show that may well go down as the most aesthetically dazzling in the game's history.  The spectacle's design referenced the same inspiration that's been rocking the motorcycle world since early last year: Tron-mania, it seems, is alive and well.


Eddie Meeks' Quantum LeapCustom motorcycles have come a very long way from the days of TV’s American Chopper, and, unfortunately to many, West Coast Choppers is no longer in business. The one word those two share is a good illustration of the industry’s current progress; the high-dollar custom chopper is losing its popularity in the marketplace for one reason or another.


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