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Zero Motorcycles Recalls Electric Bikes Hot

The 2012 Zero S is among the 450 motorcycles recalled by Zero Motorcycles in July.
Photo © Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles, Inc. has announced that it is recalling multiple 2011 and 2012 motorcycles due to brake lever troubles. Vehicles included in the recall may suffer from a malfunctioning brake light switch, which may not activate until considerable brake level travel takes places.

As a result, motorists traveling behind affected Zero motorcycles may not be able to tell that the bike is slowing down. Not surprisingly, this could lead to crash and potential injury or death to the rider.

Recalled Zero Models

The recall affects 450 model year 2011 S, XU, DS, MXD and XD models, as well as model year 2012 S, XU, DS and X model motorcycles.

Zero intends on notifying owners of the recall on or around July 16, 2012. Zero dealers will inspect and replace the front brake system brake-light switch, free of charge, on all affected models.

More Information

In the meantime, customers may contact Zero Motorcycles at 1-831-438-3500. Concerned riders may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is overseeing the recall, at 1-888-327-4236 or visit them online at The NHTSA Campaign ID Number is 12V307000.

Other Electric Bikes Recalled By Zero

In addition to its current faulty brake-light switch recall, Zero also issued a brake-related recall in 2011. Last May, Zero recalled 160 model year 2009 and 2010 S and DS models because of brake-pad issues. According to the recall notice, the front brake caliper bracket on certain bikes may become permanently distorted black porn due to high braking loads. Consequently the brake pads may become misaligned with the rotor, increasing the likelihood of a crash.

Though not brake-related, Zero recalled approximately 200 model year 2009 X and MX models in October 2009 as the result of throttle assembly concerns. In particular the bike’s throttle assembly may become disconnected or stuck in a wide-open position, thus posing a serious danger for the rider. Zero actually received three notices from riders reporting unintended acceleration due the problem. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported.

Zero Motorcycles

Founded in 2006, Zero Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of electric dirt and street motorcycles. Originally known as Electricross, Zero is the brainchild of Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer. A leader in the motorcycle sustainability arena, Zero bikes produce less than one-eighth of the CO2 pollution of a typical gas-powered motorcycle. Additionally, Zero’s electric motor delivers one of the best power-to-size ratios in the industry.

The most recent and innovative addition to the Zero lineup is the 2012 Zero XU, a small and lightweight street bike, capable of traveling 75 percent farther than previous models on a single charge. In fact, the Zero XU lasts over 3,000 full recharges, or more than 100,000 miles, without power pack maintenance.


2012 Zero Motorcycles, Zero XU

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