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URAL Sees 39% Sales Increase for Second Consecutive Year

URAL Motorcycles continues to grow. The company reported a 39% increase in unit sales for the second consecutive year. URAL has also added two more dealers to its existing network.

The Power of Dreams: Honda Launches New Brand Identity in India

Honda revealed 7 new products and its new brand identity in India today. Honda is continually expanding its business in India and today the company said that it is working to make its customer's dreams come true.

Shell Opens Motorcycle Only Gas Station in India

India is home to more than 50 million motorcycles and now, 1 motorcycle only gas station. Shell has just opened up a gas station, billed as "Shell Motor Express," which will only serve two-wheel vehicles.

Harley Sending Out Pink Slips for the Holidays

Harley-Davidson is expected to cut its work force by about 250 employees in the Spring and the American manufacturer is giving its employees in Wisconsin the chance to volunteer to be laid off.

Motorcycle Satisfaction on the Rise, Customers Spending More on Bikes

Did you buy a new motorcycle this year? Were you happy with the experience? According to the J.D. Power and Associates annual customer satisfaction report, there's a good chance that you were.

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