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Illinois Enacts Red Light Law For Motorcyclists

On Friday, July 6th Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation that looks to solve a common problem that many motorcyclists face on a regular basis. The new law enables riders to proceed through a red light after at least two minutes have passed without a change in the light.

Motorcycle Noise Not Welcome At National Parks

Each year millions of Americans travel to national parks both near and far, in search vibrant scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Since many people seek out national parks to listen to birds and waterfalls, loud motorcycles are causing a bit of a problem, according to NPR. The national news outlet reports that park-goers are complaining and park officials have taken notice of the alleged “noise pollution.”

Four Motorcycle Clubs Sue Las Vegas Police

A group of motorcycle clubs has filed a federal lawsuit against the Metro and North Las Vegas police departments, claiming that their civil rights have been violated. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in U.S. District Court in Nevada by the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs, which is comprised of 37 Las Vegas-based motorcycle clubs.

Dallas Sport Biker Pulled Over For Helmet Camera

The case of the Dallas sport biker who appeared to be pulled over and arrested for his helmet camera on the Memorial Day weekend is being internally investigated by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Rhode Island Mandates Motorcycle Parking Spaces

A new law just passed in Rhode Island that will allow for motorcycle parking spots at municipal and state buildings. The law, black porn which goes into effect next year, passed the General Assembly on Tuesday and was later signed into law by Governor Lincoln Chafee.

The legislation dictates that city and town officials create parking plans by this November for parking areas at state, city or town buildings and that parking spaces be offered by April 1, 2013.

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