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Chip Yates to Bring Electric Motorcycle to Pikes Peak Hot

chip_yates_swigz_racingGet ready for history to be made. Chip Yates and the Swigz Racing Team will be heading to Pikes Peak this year, where they will be competing with an electric motorcycle. But don't think that they are going to be satisfied with just competing. Yates has proved that his motorcycle can not only compete with petrol bikes, but it can keep pace and win.

Yates made history earlier this year when he competed at the Auto Club Speedway against petrol bikes in a WERA race. Yates showed that his bike was more than capable to keep up with the gas machines, as he scored two podiums over the weekend.

But a new day brings a new challenge, and Yates and his team will now be heading to Pikes Peak.

"The SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing Team is ecstatic to have been invited by Pikes Peak International Hill Climb officials to compete in this epic event," said Yates. "The course is almost completely paved, but I will be challenged by several miles of dirt in the middle of the climb and I'll be calling on my previous SCCA Pro Rally driving experience to get safely through the lower grip sections. Our engineers are busy developing new traction control software and mapping that will automatically adapt based on my position on the mountain."

Yates and his team will participate at an official two-day closed test at Pike's Peak on June 4th and 5th before the 89th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26th.

"We are thrilled to have Chip on the Hill this year with his amazing bike," said Hill Climb motorcycle referee Sonny Anderson. "Our Exhibition PowerSport Division is designed for new technology, and what he brings is exactly that. Our fans are in for something special."

Yates will maneuver his motorcycle up a 12.42 mile, 156 turn mountain course, The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is designed for powerful trucks, cars, and dirt capable motorcycles. But Yates feels pretty good about his chances.

"Two key benefits of our electric power train will really help me climb from 9,390 feet all the way up to the 14,110 foot summit," Yates said. "First, our superbike makes 240 horsepower at sea level and 240 horsepower at 14,110 feet. We do not suffer any power loss due to elevation, while gasoline-powered vehicles will lose around 30% of their power at the top.

"Secondly, our 365 ft/lbs of torque is available from 0 rpm as soon as I open the throttle – with few straight sections, we don't have to wait for revs to build up in order to blast off the course's 156 turns and tight corners."

What Yates has accomplished aboard his electric motorcycle has already put most of the motorcycle world in awe. His attempt to climb Pikes Peak is ambitious, but well within the wheelhouse of Yates and the Swigz Racing team.

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