Sport Road & Track Stunting Drift: Jorian Ponomareff Demonstrates the Art of the Drift [Video]

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Drift: Jorian Ponomareff Demonstrates the Art of the Drift [Video] Hot


Most riders don't like the feeling when their wheels begin to slip out from under them. Why? Well, because most of the time it means you're about a split second from hitting the asphalt. But for a professional stunt rider like Jorian Ponomareff, drifting is just another tool in his bag of tricks.

Ponomareff tackles the obstacle course with ease. In fact, there's only one section where Ponomareff looses his focus. Check out this awesome video: Drift.

Damn those attractive girls! Oh, but speaking of, check out these Playboy Bunnies who just took a motorcycle riding course. 

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